Welcome parents! This page is designed to address all those questions you have about our programs including information on safety, cost, program dynamics, and how to sign up your student for participation.


World School programs are designed for safe adventures. What does this mean?

Safe adventures means that we want students to realize their full potential within the context of the activities included in the program. Our programs include outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, camping, swimming, and snorkeling. These activities require a certain amount of physical fitness and, thus, should be considered when applying for a World School program.

In addition to some of the outdoor activities noted, our programs also include community service projects. Students may engage in projects involving construction, land clearing, tree planting, etc. Community service projects are not designed to require unique skills and serve to engage students in the social awareness of giving to a community in need.


World School programs are built upon our philosophy of Four Cornerstones of Education: Culture, History, Environmental Awareness and Community Service.

Life in other countries is exciting, and by focusing on these four areas, students are able to immerse themselves into an international community and enjoy learning about all aspects of a new way of life.

Stepping Outside the Box

While we push students to step outside their comfort zones and try new activities, we would never put any student in harm's way or ask them to go against their own morals or physical adeptness.

It is not uncommon for students to think they are incapable of participation in an activity simply because the opportunity to do so has never been presented to them. We have found that students who push themselves to, at least, try often find themselves empowered by the successful accomplishment of a task that at first seemed impossible.

World School programs involve the whole student in the sense that we encourage students not only to learn about new cultures and environments, but also to learn about themselves through new experiences.


World School requires that all participating students and their parents sign the World School Contract. This contract is an agreement between all three parties: World School, the student and their parents, acknowledging the need for acceptable behavior and what constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal from the programs.

The purpose of this contract is to ensure a fun and safe adventure for all participants. As parents you want to know that your students are in good hands and knowing that we take this behavior policy very seriously is your insurance that we have your child's best interest in mind. A general rule of thumb beyond the behavior contract is that if something is illegal in the US, then we consider it illegal during the program regardless if it is legal in country.

Breaking any of the listed rules is grounds for immediate dismissal - this is non-negotiable. To review the World School Contract, please click here.


All program costs include round trip airfare from the west coast, meals, lodging, and activities. In other words, our program costs are all-inclusive except for personal spending money. Students and/or student groups originating beyond a west coast hub airport will be advised of any additional costs during the application process.


World School, Inc. is a non-profit organization and part of our mission statement is to provide international education opportunities for all students. In so stating, we design our programs with the utmost affordability in mind and created the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program to enable students to raise money for participation in World School programs.

Through the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program, students ask friends, family and local businesses to sponsor them in completing 40 hours of local community service, with sponsors pledging $5 for every service hour completed. Upon completion of their hours, students have succeeded in earning full or partial scholarships for their World School program tuition.

The uniqueness of the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program is that it enables students to work for and earn their placement on World School programs while sharing in the development of the local community through service work. Through this process, students become empowered to take ownership of their future and realize the advantages of hard work.

Students choosing to participate in the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program cannot do it alone. We have found that students that have strong support from their families are the most successful at maximizing their potential with the fundraising program. We urge parents to become involved and encourage their students at every level while participating in the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program.

For more information on the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program click here.


Staying healthy during international travel always makes the journey more pleasant. World School recommends that students and parents contact their family physician and advise them of the student's international travel plans.

Please make sure your student has sufficient supplies of all prescribed medicines and over the counter medication they may be taking before departing on World School program.

For further information on healthy travel, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website at: http://www.cdc.gov/travel/. On this site, you will find answers to most travelers' health related questions.

If your World School program of choice requires vaccinations beyond routine healthy living (Hep A/B, Tetanus, etc.), parents and students should discuss travel vaccines with their family doctor at least 4-6 weeks prior to departure.