We'd like to thank these organizations for working together with World School to make our international programs possible.

Global Classroom | www.ravenadventures.com

The Global Classroom is an organization with over ten years of experience dedicated to international service projects in small communities. Creating and supporting cross cultural eco-service projects that teach students the importance and wonders of environmental awareness, The Global Classroom is helping to create a healthier planet while gaining a greater understanding of the natural world.

Thailand Elephant Nature Park | www.thaifocus.com/elephant/index.htm

Founded by Thai local, Lek, The Elephant Nature Park is an organization dedicated to the preservation and future of the elephant. Lek's continuous work towards preserving these animals has brought attention to Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC, CNN, KTV, all major Thai language TV channels, printed press and radio stations.

Moon Handbooks | www.moon.com

For 25 years, the Moon name has been synonymous with reliable and entertaining travel advice. The top choice for travelers seeking the most complete coverage of destinations in the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific.

Grupo Ecologista Antares, A.C. | www.geantares.org.mx

GEA is a non-profit ecological association that seeks to to protect the marine, coastal, desert and mountain ecosystems and the wildlife they support in the region of the Loreto Municipal and to improve the quality of life for local citizens and provide, in collaboration with other environmental organizations, the first ever conservation model of its kind in the Sea of Cortez.

ESRI | www.esri.com

ESRI is about improving our world and the use of our resources through better information management. The GIS community is connected by geography and a common goal to share information about our earth. GIS technology is one of the hottest new tools in education and research and is one of the fastest growing high-tech careers for students today. GIS training helps students develop computer literacy, analytical approaches to problem solving, and communication and presentation skills.

Paddle Asia | www.paddleasia.com

Paddle Asia is a nature-based paddling adventure kayaking company. Every aspect of our lives (personally and as tour leaders), is geared toward the enjoyment of the environments and fragile eco systems without unduly changing them.

ARCAS Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center | www.arcasguatemala.com

ARCAS is a non-profit Guatemalan NGO formed in 1989 by a group of Guatemalan citizens who became concerned as they saw their natural heritage - especially their wildlife - rapidly dissappearing before their eyes. Since it's establishment, the ARCAS Rescue Center has grown into one of the largest and most complex rescue centers in the world, receiving between 300 and 600 animals of more than 40 species per year.